Colours to suit all your Bridesmaids

November 26th 2008

Choosing a colour for your Bridesmaids can be a tricky job. If you have a few Bridesmaids you’ll often cross the problems of different skin tones, hair colours, shapes and sizes. What works on one girl doesn’t necessarily work on another.

Leanne was planning a late autumn wedding and faced this very problem, her three bridesmaids were very different; a petite blonde, an athletic brunette and a Chinese girl. Trying to dress all three girls in a style and colour that worked for them all was a seemingly impossible task.

Leanne says, “I was beginning to panic. We’d been to several wedding shops and tried dresses on but nothing really worked on all of the girls. Tie The Knot was fantastic though. Their huge range of Bridesmaid dresses gave us a lot of options and Wendy was fantastic. She was so patient and her experience was evident. She knew exactly what styles would and wouldn’t work so we weren’t covering old ground.”

With patience, fantastic guidance from Wendy and a little inspiration from seasonal colours, Leanne says she couldn’t have found a more perfect dress to work across all three girls.

If you have a fixed colour scheme already in your mind and very different bridesmaids, you might need to compromise a little. Traditional pastel colours are often the hardest to make work across varying skin tones while bright and bold colours can often be too brash for others.

Wendy suggests keeping as open a mind as possible and asking the opinion of your Bridesmaid’s to help you reach a decision everyone’s happy with.

“Keep your options open. Try your girls in a few different colours to start off with to see what definitely doesn’t work and then you can start to focus on one family of colours or concentrate on brighter colours. Once you’ve found a colour that works with all of your Bridesmaids, we can always tailor dresses to find varying styles that work beautifully together but which suit each Bridesmaid individually.”

Bright and bold colours

Choosing a bright, bold dress for your bridesmaids adds a dramatic touch to your wedding and can easily be found in both traditional and modern deigns to suit your wedding style.

Exciting and electric bright colours include:

Tailoring bright and bold colours

Darker colours can be lightened up with sparkling accessories or by personalising the dresses with added detail such as a sparkly brooch or sequins. You can tone down the colour with chiffon overlays, or let the colour dazzle with sleek fabrics like satin and silk.

Pastel colours

Choosing a pale colour for your Bridesmaid dresses will give a relaxed and chic wedding style, and they can fit in easily with any theme.

Cool and sophisticated pastel colours include:

Tailoring pastel colours

Beautiful chic looks can be achieved with sleek designs and crystal detailing while more youthful styles can be achieved by choosing a sorter dress with an A-line skirt. A sash in a deeper shade of the pastel can add an extra splash of colour or a piece of lace trim in a deeper shade will help to define the colour and will work better if one of your Bridesmaids has very pale skin.

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