Who should I choose to be my bridesmaids?

November 19th 2008

The dress, the venue, the cake, the band, these all go into making your wedding the special day you want. But what really makes your day unique and memorable is the people – your friends, family and loved ones.

Your Bridesmaids will play a hugely important role on your special day and so you should choose people you know will support you on the day and throughout your married life.

Forward planning

If you anticipate an issue between guests, speak to them before hand and let them know that you have invited the other guest and whilst you understand there might be a problem, you’d really like them both to be there and politely ask if they could put aside their differences for the day. If they make a fuss about it, you still have time to amend your guest list or table plans to avoid conflict on the day.

When you’re planning your bridal party you might want to think of people who can fill the following roles:

Bridesmaids are often close friends of the Bride. It might be a friend you’ve known since you were little and have grown up with sharing all of life’s experiences and secrets. If you’re lucky enough to have lots of friends to choose from, it’s often nice to choose someone from each stage of your life – perhaps a friend from school, one from college or university, a friend you travelled with and a friend who might not have known you as long but with whom you have a very close relationship.

Family is also a wonderful choice for a Bridesmaid – a sister or cousin, a niece or perhaps even your daughter. It’s also especially nice if the Groom’s family can be included in this group too – perhaps a sister or niece. Younger family members are often a lovely choice for flower girls.

Usually the oldest female or the woman who is already married takes the role of Chief Bridesmaid or Matron of Honour and it is often this person who will sign the marriage register as one of your witnesses.

Your Bridesmaids aren’t just there to look pretty. Choosing Bridesmaids with particular strengths can reduce your wedding planning stress.

Support – Your Bridesmaids will be there to offer you support in the run up to and on the big day.

Organisation – Whether it’s help with the invites or organising the Hen Night.

Honest opinions – A good bridesmaid will always give you an honest opinion. Take them with you to help choose your wedding dress, you often won’t have to ask their opinion, it’ll be written all over their face, or evident in their tear welled eyes!

Memories – Whether it’s a memorable Hen Night, or the excitement of getting ready on the morning of your wedding, these girls will be with you throughout the day and will help create some really happy memories.

Your Bridesmaids are your organisational supports for the day and you should choose people who are responsible, mature and focused on doing everything the way you want it done and not the other way round.

There is no rule on how many bridesmaids a wedding should have, so don’t worry if you only want to ask one special friend to do the honour.

You should never feel obliged to choose someone to be your bridesmaid. These people are special people in your life and you should choose them because you want them to play a special role in your day and not because you think you should.

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