Will you say 'I do'… to a veil

Bride to be Susan trying on a veil

November 5th 2008

Tiara or veil, fascinator or flowers &ndash when it comes to the perfect hair adornment for your wedding day it’s tradition that many modern brides still opt for.

Susan is not untypical of many brides-to-be when it comes choosing whether or not to wear a veil.

“I wasn’t sure that I wanted to wear one, but when I tried my veil on and looked in the mirror it was kind of like the defining moment &ndash I was a bride. Both my mum and I were quite tearful. And even now, six months on, it’s in my keepsake box and I can’t resist trying it on every now and again.”

Once the veil is added it changes the whole look of your outfit. So Susan was advised to try on lots of different styles and lengths of veil in different fabrics to find the one that best complimented her and her chosen gown.

Veils are usually made of a sheer tulle fabric or the slightly opaque organza or chiffon, but they can also be found in polyester or silk. Polyester is less expensive than silk but once you try on a silk veil you will feel and notice the difference.

As Susan had chosen a strapless gown with a detailed bodice, she opted for a tulle veil for its sheer quality and because it didn’t obscure any of the gown’s detail.

A bride’s hairstyle on her big day is also a vital part of the bridal outfit, so Susan took along her veil for her pre-wedding hair trial.

She added: “Once my hairdresser had created the perfect style for me, I spent about an hour taking the veil on and off to make sure that I’d get it right on the day. It really put me at ease when it came to doing it for real.”

Opting for a veil will always be down to personal choice, but if you do choose to wear one there are a few rules to ensure that you find your dream outfit, says Wendy at Tie the Knot:

And finally… “don't wear something because you think you should, wear what you want, says Wendy “Don't forget you can have a veil made to measure just as you can a dress so you can have the exact length and decoration that you want. You only wear a veil once so make the most of it and enjoy it !”

Tie the Knot stocks a wide range of veils to suit any bride and style. See in store for more details.

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