Have a great hair day on your wedding day

December 3rd 2008

Romantic curls or elegant up do’s – there really are no rules when it comes to your wedding hair. Gillian had been growing her hair especially for her wedding day but had no idea where to start with her wedding day style. At a dress fitting she asked Wendy for her advice on what she thought would look best with her chosen dress style.

“Wendy advised me on a few different looks and the pros and cons of wearing my hair up or down. I had chosen to wear a veil with my dress so she was able to tell me what would definitely not work because of the way my veil would hang.”

Wendy says, “A good starting place for a bride is often to decide whether she would prefer her hair up or down on her special day. A pre wedding day practice run with a hair style is always a good idea and most good hairdressers will do these for you and will take the time to hep you decide what would be best to suit your face shape and theme of your day.”

“You might already know what sort of look you want to go for, or you might need lots of inspiration from looking through magazines and websites. If you’ve already chosen to wear a particular veil, you might find your choice of style restricted by the way it hangs but in many situations it’s still a case of any style goes.”

Gillian was over the moon with Wendy’s help.

“Wendy made me feel very confident about my wedding day look. Because I had been growing my hair out of a fairly short style I didn’t have any idea where to start. Wendy suggested a trial run with a hairdresser and was even able to recommend a fantastic stylist to me who did a wonderful job of advising me and doing my hair on our wedding day.”

Up do’s

Many brides with longer hair opt for an “up do” on their special day. This is often because beautiful styles can be created with curls and clips which accessories the hair naturally without the need for too much sparkle, simple and naturally beautiful. There are also many practical decisions behind an up do. A wedding can often be a long day and if hair is well pinned up and held with hair spray it will last all day without too much faff and won’t be affected too much by a bit of wind or rain. Also by having hair up off the neck and face a bride can feel a lot cooler and more comfortable under her layers of gorgeous fabrics.

Romantic Hair

Soft feminine hair always looks beautiful. The key to creating a romantic feel is texture – if you’re wearing your hair loose, soft curls are universally flattering while subtle crimping creates more of a fairytale mood. If you are wearing your hair up, to maintain a romantic style, make sure the hair isn’t scraped back too smoothly and leave a bit of softness around the face to create a soft feminine feel.

This look can be adapted for all face shapes and works best on hair that’s at least shoulder length and isn’t poker straight.

Plaits and Ponytails

These are fantastic if you want a half way house – if you like the idea of wearing your hair up off your face but don’t feel comfortable with too much of a structured up do. Make sure the Plait isn’t too perfect otherwise it can look a bit school-girlish. A slightly messy texture and few loose strands will create a laid back, bohemian feel.

This relaxed casual look works best with flowing, fluid dresses, particularly low-backed styles which highlight the length of a plait or pony as it trails down your back. As this style is so easy to create without a hairdresser and suits pretty much anyone, it is also a great style for bridesmaids.


Soft wisps and cascading curls might not be your thing, in which case keep your hair chic, sleek and shiny. This is statement hair and it is important for it to work that your hair is in fabulous condition. Maybe talk to your hairdresser about an intensive conditioning treatment a week or so before your big day to add extra shine.

This style does not work well for round faces when it is too slicked back. Round faces who want this look should add a little volume at the front to help elongate their face.


Your accessories should always be considered alongside the look of your dress. If the back of your dress is simple then a few flowers or pins placed just below the crown of your head will add interest to the back. If you choose to wear a statement accessory such as a hair band or corsage, keep your hairstyle simple and avoid too much decoration on your dress or jewellery around the neckline.

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